Snow Sport Injury Prevention Program

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Below are some common workouts that are designed to strengthen the core and lower extremities. These exercises are designed to prevent injuries while you stay active skiing, snowboarding and participating in other snow sports. These exercises are based on medical research; however, injuries still may occur. Please make an appointment with Dr. Kevin Mangum, so he can discuss your customized workout regimen to help keep you strong and active throughout the wintertime. Please talk to your physician first before performing these exercises to ensure that they are appropriate for you and your medical conditions.

The beginner level workout is designed to be a interval workout where you do as many repetitions, with proper form, in the amount of time designated, usually 60 seconds or 30 seconds. Download a workout interval timer app on your phone to help you keep on track. Set the rest time for about 10 seconds between exercise. Try to do these 3 times per week.

Beginner Level workout

  1. Squats (quarter squats): 60 seconds

2. Wall Sits: 60 seconds

Quarter wall sits are okay too if you have underlying knee and hip conditions

3. Double Leg Forward hop and hold landing for 3 seconds, then repeat: 60 seconds

Correct technique
Don’t let the knees go inward; this puts increase pressure on the ACL. Keep Knees straight ahead like the top photo.

4. Double Leg backward hop and hold landing for 3 seconds, then repeat: 60 seconds

5. Right Single Leg forward Hop and Hold: 30 seconds; Watch this video if you’re unsure how to do this exercise

6. Left Single Leg forward Hop and Hold: 30 seconds

7. Double Leg Bunny Hops Side to Side over a line: 60 seconds

pace and explosiveness, and could do […]

8. Nordic hamstrings: 60 seconds (make sure you have very soft knee supports)

Watch this video if you’re unsure how to do this exercise

9. Right Foot Forward Lunge (+/- Pulse): 30 seconds

10. Left Foot Forward Lunge (+/- Pulse) : 30 seconds

If you are having knee and hip problems, you can try lunge pulses and only going half way down.  Lunge Pulse Video: pulse lunges

11. Heel-calf raises: 60 seconds

12. Side Lying Hip Abduction repetition: 30 seconds each side (60 seconds total)

13. Side Lying Plank, Hold: 30 Seconds each side (60 Seconds total)

14. Plank, Hold: 60 seconds

15. Glut Bridge, Hold: 60 seconds

16. Single Leg airplane. Balance and Hold: 30 Seconds each leg (60 seconds total)

Beginner workout handout with instructions

Beginner Exercise List Only

Advanced Level Work out

Dynamic Warm-up 

A. Single-leg RDL Stretch 

B. Quad Stretch 

C. Knee Hugs

D. Leg Cradle 

E. High Knees 

F. Butt Kicks 

G. Carioca 

H. Normal Skip 

I. Skip for Height 

J. Backpedal 

K. 75% Run 


A. Clamshell (30 sec. hold; each side) 

B. Quadruped fire hydrant (30 sec. hold; each side) 

C. Plank + side plank (30 sec. plank; 15 sec. side plank; each side) 

D. Standing fire hydrant (30 sec. hold; each side) 


A. Bodyweight squats with band (10 x) 

B. Lateral band walks (20 steps; each side) 

C. Walking lunges – forward (10 steps; each direction) 

D. Walking lunges – backward (10 steps; each direction) 

E. Walking lunges – lateral (10 steps; each direction) 

Plyometrics (15 – 30 sec. REST between each exercise) 

A. Lateral squat jumps over line (6 x) 

B. Forward/backward squat jumps over line (6 x) 

C. Squat jumps + 90 degree turn (3 x; each direction) 

D. Lunge jumps (4 x; each side) DO NOT ALTERNATE 

E. 2 to 1 hop (4 x; each side) 

F. Single-leg side-to-side hop (4 x; each side) 

Agilities (15 – 30 sec. REST between each exercise) 

A. Forward run with three step deceleration (2 x; 5 yd. or 15 ft.; each side) 

B. Three-step shuffle (2 x)

 C. Zig-zag cutting (3 x; 5 yd. or 15ft.; each side)

Sanford Knee Injury prevention program Handout Here


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